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Straight to the point.

Ice archery is a tradition that is being kept alive through passion and dedication of the ice archers.

Court in Kirov.

A few words of English and a few words of Russian, the old man explained the ice fishermen won't catch anything.

Looking back to move forward.

The strong, low, early sun breaching the streets and the relaxed nature of the people I encountered was a memory to treasure, and one, I'll never forget.

Keep us from death.

It's a hard existence, they try to keep the frost at bay with candles but it creeps ever closer. The air is cold and stale.

The Moscow Challenge.

My first encounter with real non-English speaking Russians was at the local supermarket. I managed to find the goods I wanted, then it hit me, I would have to communicate with the person on the check-out. I approached with a knot in my stomach, my brain working overtime and spinning, this was so far out of my comfort zone I'd need a space ship to get back to it.