Straight to the point.

Ice archery is a tradition that is being kept alive through passion and dedication of the ice archers.

Sit back, clear your mind, now think of Mongolia, what images are conjured up? Ghinggis Khan, Attila the hun, warriors on horseback with bows racing across grass plains.┬áToday in modern Mongolia you can still find traditions, a culture and a way of life that isn’t that far removed from the images that run through your mind.


On a frozen lake, an hour from the town of Ulgli in western Mongolia, two teams of archers meet, they will be competing in ice archery.


With blunted arrows the aim is to hit targets placed behind a small mound of snow, the targets are round and made of weaved camel hide..



It’s very competitive, team members stand near the targets shouting encouragement to team members and equally trying to put off the other side.


During the competition archers will shoot 30 arrows at the targets from a distance of 40 meters. The winner is the archer who has not only hit the target the most but the one who hits and rolls the ball to the mound of snow.


The skill involved is impressive, the competition undertaken with a great deal of sportsmanship and in a friendly nature. Ice archery is a tradition that is being kept alive through passion and dedication of the ice archers.


  1. I like the shot of the archer aiming his bow. Very nice. What I want to know is about there long coats. What are they made of? Are they, in fact, a coat or are they our equivalent to jeans and a warm vest?

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    1. Great question, well I think the answer is that they are the equivalent to team uniforms, the younger members of the team wear different colours to the older and more experienced archers.



  2. I meant their long coats! Good God, English major I.
    Thanks for the answer.



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